Edge Protection systems for hire.


Edge protection is essential for any roof or height work on your residential or commercial building. To comply with worksafe guidlines for height safety, a fall arrest system needs to be in place on your site. Elevation Safety edge protection is a safe, fast and cost effective solution to keep everyone working at height safe. Edge protection cost is usually significantly than scaffolding alternative.


- Exceeds safety standards set out by worksafe NZ

- No height restriction

- 5.4m centers means less equipment is needed both on the roof and on the ground.

- Low cost alternative to scaffolding

Soffit mount system with multi-use in re-roofs, roof repairs, painting, solar installation and more.

Truss of Soffit mount system used for new builds, garages and where framing is exposed.

Timber, steel or concrete mount for commercial applications.

Edge Protection Re-Roof Elevation Safety
Edge Protection New Building Elevation Safety
Commercial Edge Protection